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tgblog Aug 27 2019

What Makes For a Great Hotel Experience – Ticketgoose

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Places of stay, it turns out, aren’t always defined by what you see in the way of sightseeing and tourist attractions. Sometimes, a hotel is best remembered by where you lay your head while resting to sleep. I’ve always liked to look at it as though I’m off on a trip to stay in a new home somewhere. I don’t own it, but does it matter, really? Just the other day, I was thinking about some very memorable hotel customer service moments and got reminded of TicketGoose.  I don’t usually travel for work, and so I don’t have as many […..]

tgblog Aug 23 2019

How exciting can a bus ride be in India – Ticketgoose

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In this article, we will cover about booking bus tickets in India! We’ll also cover how to get around the country while on a bus and the safety tips you should know. For the intrepid backpackers, sleeper buses are the No.1 choice when wanting to save on overnight hotel costs. We’ll also advise you when to opt for a train over a bus. In India, we are always nervous about transportation. Not just safety, but the very thought of going to get bus tickets to go from point A to point B by bus or train sends shivers down our […..]

tgblog Aug 23 2019

TGPL Super Over League – Fan article

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Hello folks! This just in! Welcome to the world’s first and foremost update from the galaxy of VR sports. When it comes to cricket, your dreams are now a reality, virtually! What has been in the making all along, is now all set for a stupendous launch with the announcement of the inaugural TGPL Super Over League. The virtual league is to be played between 4 All-Star teams boasting a line-up of 3 players. This offers a chance to all the lifelong fans of yesteryear legends to see them back in action while playing alongside the hot and rising stars […..]

tgblog Aug 22 2019

Mobile gaming all set as the next gamechanger!

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Let’s admit it. Wouldn’t you be super excited catching a slam dunk from the courtside at an NBA game? Or get captivated by an NFL touchdown right from the sidelines with the stadium roaring? All of this and much more is possible with VR headsets! Sports teams and coaches use VR technology as a platform to learn and train better. Videos taken from the player’s eye-view during practice sessions, facilitate the players to undergo realistic, repetitive training with various scenarios to achieve peak performance. “It’s going to disrupt all aspects of sport that you can imagine.” VR expert Michael Ludden […..]

tgblog Aug 20 2019

Best Ways to Taximise and Go Beyond the Journey – Ticketgoose

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Driving a taxi in the urban jungles is back-breaking work with little reward. The hours are long. The pay can be awful; if the cab driver doesn’t make much in a night to cover the lease of the taxi and petrol costs, he might go home with empty pockets. This isn’t to say cab drivers are perfect. As in any industry, there are bound to be a few shady characters who charge their customers more than required, they keep a messy car, or just behave rudely. But most of them are trying to do right by their customers and their […..]