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tgblog Jul 01 2019

Get your ETA right – Essential Toiletries Advantage

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Who said long haul bus journeys have to be uncomfortable? Don’t we all aspire to get on the road and enjoy the highway breeze? Bus rides have long evolved from just being a mode of faster transportation for the rich to arriving in style for a business conference or a holiday. Being on the road for long can come with its share of bumps and toll plazas and that’s when you must exhibit your preparedness for the long haul. All of us become frazzled and go crazy when it comes to long and winding bus journeys; especially when it’s an […..]

tgblog Jun 19 2019

5 Things to Remember when Looking for Your Perfect Hotel

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Don’t we all want a home away from home when travelling on vacation or business? Even if for a few days or when having to manage a booking at the last minute. You thought you would bank upon your regular hotel for a room even during the peak season as you saunter in after a tiring flight with your luggage. You are met with a smiling desk clerk who when asked for a room says he would if he could. Before it sinks in that you were let down by your trusted innkeeper, here’s the top advice on how to […..]

tgblog Jun 17 2019

7 Things to Keep in Mind for an Urgent Trip

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They say the best trips are those which are unplanned. But then given the circumstances prevalent today, it’s sometimes a last-minute heads-up about flying out of town on business. On the rare occasion that you end up being the lone ranger, you get to be a free bird and have time for yourself after the whirlwind planning or the lack of it. Well, here’s how not to kick up a storm and get a grip on your trip by booking bus tickets online in ticketgoose.com Pack smartly – Bring in clothes that can be worn a couple of times. That […..]

tgblog Jun 14 2019

Bodi – The Cardamom capital of India

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Bodinayakkanur or Bodi is a small town in Theni district of Tamil Nadu. In earlier times, the city was called as Thenkasiyampathi. Later, the town was renamed as Bodayanayakkanur, after the person Bodayanayakkar, who ruled the place. The beautiful town is surrounded by Weatern Ghats on the three sides giving a spectacular view. Bodinayakkanur is the “Cardamom Capital of India”. Though a small town, Bodi has a lot of places to look around. Bodi is a really good weekend destination to visit. You can reach bodi in bus and bus tickets can be booked in ticketgoose.com. Bodi can be reached […..]

tgblog Jun 12 2019


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Hubli Dharwad is a twin city. Dharwad is the cultural headquarters of North Karnataka. The city spans over an area of 191 sq.km.Dharwad is located at a comfortable distance of 425km from Banglore, 421 km from Pune. The city is easily reachable as it is exactly on the National Highway 4. The name of the city was derived from Sanskrit meaning “Door town”. In the past, Dharwad was between Malenadu region and the plains and it was used as resting place for travellers. The references of Dharwad is as old as 900 years making it one of the oldest cities […..]