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tgblog Sep 06 2019

It’s My Way for the Indian Railways – Ticketgoose

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Boy, don’t we all love trains! Train journeys in India are always fascinating. A 24-hour journey across any route, in any direction, and you feel entire India, you get to see it all. Not to mention, a wide variety of interesting people and characters who you meet en route who challenge the ambiguity of the Indian mind, and the delightful awkwardness. But, you have TicketGoose to ensure all your bookings and journeys are smooth with no signal delays! It’s tough to grab myself from an arresting view of open farmlands, perfectly beautified by a group of silent, lush hills in […..]

tgblog Aug 31 2019

How the Rise of Kabaddi is Good News for Us – Ticketgoose

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The Pro Kabaddi League, popularly abbreviated as PKL, has brought life to a dear sport that quite many affirmed had already got one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel. While it comes as no surprise that the League has indeed garnered a rural support base, the increasing urban traction is the most significant takeaway from this model. For the first time ever in the last Asian Games, the Indian men’s Kabaddi team fell just short of what would have been their 8th consecutive Gold in the Games. Since the introduction of the sport in the Asiad […..]

tgblog Aug 30 2019

Why travelling is all about soul-searching – Ticketgoose

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A journey so memorable than the destination itself is what we all want to experience every time. It’s because in the small, bright moments and memorable experiences that you allow yourself to have. A great journey’s beginnings lie in the moments where you get the longing to go! It stays with you even long after you’ve come home. Usually, what you envisage in your travels is truly a reflection of your own inner state. Here are five cheat codes to help enhance your travel sojourn and prepare your inner self for the journey ahead, whether you’re going on a planned […..]

tgblog Aug 27 2019

What Makes For a Great Hotel Experience – Ticketgoose

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Places of stay, it turns out, aren’t always defined by what you see in the way of sightseeing and tourist attractions. Sometimes, a hotel is best remembered by where you lay your head while resting to sleep. I’ve always liked to look at it as though I’m off on a trip to stay in a new home somewhere. I don’t own it, but does it matter, really? Just the other day, I was thinking about some very memorable hotel customer service moments and got reminded of TicketGoose.  I don’t usually travel for work, and so I don’t have as many […..]

tgblog Aug 23 2019

How exciting can a bus ride be in India – Ticketgoose

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In this article, we will cover about booking bus tickets in India! We’ll also cover how to get around the country while on a bus and the safety tips you should know. For the intrepid backpackers, sleeper buses are the No.1 choice when wanting to save on overnight hotel costs. We’ll also advise you when to opt for a train over a bus. In India, we are always nervous about transportation. Not just safety, but the very thought of going to get bus tickets to go from point A to point B by bus or train sends shivers down our […..]