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tgblog Aug 29 2018

Amazing Spots to sight in & around Shillong!

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All the natural wonders prevailing in the nation are like gems mounted beautifully on the crown. With a diverse culture, varied art forms and exotic destinations for rejuvenation, India is indeed a hub spot for tourism as it showcases not only what to be shown but treasures immense artifacts that are yet to be discovered.  So, with such tremendous experiential holidays gaining popularity, yet another city which is dragging tourists to its land is Shillong; the smallest city in the Northeastern part of India.

Shillong is known for its several tags; ‘The Abode of Clouds’ and ‘The Scotland of the East’. Because of the rugged lush terrains encapsulated magnificently with mighty clouds, the city is often known as the abode of the clouds, and for the rolling hills existing on its one side of the city reminds of the European settlers of Scotland and thus, got its tag, ‘The Scotland of the East’.

Below are some of the alluring places to visit in Shillong;

  1. Nohkalikai Waterfalls, Cherrapunjee-

Located in close proximity to Shillong, it is the tallest waterfall in the North-Eastern part of India that is known for its stunning green pool residing at the bottom of the falls where the water beautifully plunges into the pool crossing several rocky terrains. Watching this is as mesmerizing as ever.

  1. Shillong Peak-

Shillong Peak is known for its 360-degree view of the entire Shillong city along with the plains of Bangladesh. Mostly covered in fog, it is located at an altitude of 6449 feet above the sea level which is pretty tall, and nature lovers would love this place. If you are planning to give life to your camera lens then head to this destination and click shots to make you a storyteller.

  1. Umiam Lake-

It is by far means the best place to visit in Shillong as it is encompassed by thick coniferous forests and Khasi Hills. It is another example of a man-made lake beside the Hussain Sagar Lake that is formed by damming Umiam River. Also, the Lum Nehru Park on its sides is an ideal place for spending time with your family or walking.

This lake is famous for varied water sports and fun activities like kayaking, boating, water cycling and scooting.

  1. Umden Village-

A two-hour drive from Shillong can help you explore the culture of the Bhoi people where they follow ahimsa- in not killing silkworms during the process of silk production or any other traditional handlooms. Sight the process of silk weaving alone with indulging in fishing near the pond or taking a trail by bike.

Well, these are just a few among the hefty number of places to visit in and around Shillong. If you are interested and wish to proceed further, book our ‘Outstation Taxis’ and just head on!

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