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tgblog Dec 27 2017

Alappuzha- The Land of Houseboats!

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Like a marvel on the stunning landscapes of the backwaters of Kerala- regarded as God’s Own Country, Alleppey also called as Alappuzha is nestled beautifully between the lush greeneries of the Western Ghats and the pearl of the ocean; the Arabian Sea. Kerala is known for its beauty and palm groves and a visit to this place is a moment to cherish forever. With so many destinations to visit, the Venetian capital of this state; Alleppey is a sensation of natural wonders; from quaint beaches to serene backwaters to marvelous houseboats. A visit to these places ought to make your trip memorable.

When you are here, do not miss to sight-see these places;

  1. Alleppey Beach-

Though it is a scorching sun on a midday with the sand glistering, the warmth of the wind will be more soothing to the soul because of the chilling breeze of the palm groves splashing on you. What a delight spending time on an endless, vast- stretch of this beach that is famous across Southern India. It has gained popularity because of the main reason that it is still serving as a prime location for movies. Once, this place was known for trading as well.


  1. Krishnapuram Palace-

Built in the 18th century by Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma, this palace shouldn’t be missed by history lovers and enthusiasts coz it depicts the entire culture and lifestyle of the Travancore kingdom, and they are going to have a brilliant time sight-seeing. This palace is now run by the Archaeological Department of India and is turned into a museum.  You can hold a sight of the beautifully carved gabled rooftops and the narrowly designed doorways.


  1. Pandavan Rock-

Guessed it right, this rock got its name coz of the Pandavas whose tale travels ages ahead of this century during the reign of Mahabharata. It is here where the Pandavas had lived in during the time of their exile. Located amidst the forest, this place is placed ideally. Further, there is a Kallada Dam where you can take a detour from here.


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