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tgblog Apr 26 2014

Afzalgunj – Gateway to the Old City

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Hyderabad being a historic city is a known fact to all. Palaces, museums, forts, lakes, mosques – you name it and the city has got them all. No matter which part of the city you are in, you will never get a feel of complete isolation of one world from the other as in the modern from the medieval. You can easily book bus tickets online to see the historic city for yourself.

Undoubtedly, Charminar is the monument which has given Hyderabad city its global reputation. One of the most popular routes by which one can approach this historic monument is via Afzalgunj – an important junction which connects the relatively newer part of the city to the Old City, which lies across the River Musi on the other side of the bridge. In fact, if one were to get down in Afzalgunj and attempt to walk to the Old City via the bridge, it can be easily done.

Besides being a busy hub in the middle of the city housing a bus terminus, Afzalgunj is also an area which is strategically close to other important as well as interesting areas such as Begum Bazar, famous for its utensils and Mozam Jahi Market, famous for its ice-cream and the famous Karachi Bakery with its bakery items and biscuits. A traveler waiting for his bus can easily kill time by simply wandering through the area, taking in sips of Irani Chai, tasting ice-creams, samosas, as well as shopping for his or her near and dear ones.


 The picturesque Afzalgunj Jama Masjid, which is completely white in colour with a medieval look is a monument worth visiting. A shop beneath the mosque hosts traditional Muslim perfumery or attar with a wide range of varieties – rose, chocolate, the Hyderabad special called Intimate and others. In short, if you are to take things home for friends and relatives back home, Afzalgunj and its neighbouring areas have plenty of options that you can choose from.


Almost all bus operators have their outlets located in the area. You name it – Kesineni Travels, Parveen Travels, VRL Travels and others – they are all here. Travelling to Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Shirdi and other cities in the region? You will readily get a bus ticket here. Being a busy area however, buses are not always allowed into the area to make the area more congested. Thus, most of the times pick-up vans are provided by operators. Buses coming in to the city also happen to pass through this area in the morning.

If you want to embark on some last minute yet crucial shopping in Hyderabad before embarking on your journey, Afzalgunj is the boarding point you should be looking forward to. You will leave the city with Hyderabadi aroma if you are taking off from here.

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