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tgblog Dec 15 2017

A Trip to Mehandipur Balaji Temple – The Witch Temple

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Live Exorcism

Don’t you believe in the evil spirits? Then do visit Mehandipur Balaji Temple in the Dausra district of Rajasthan, then you will automatically believe in witches. It is the place where one can witness the live exorcism. Lord Hanuman (Balaji), Lord Bhairav and Pret Raj (King of Spirits) are the three deities who are worshipped in this temple; these idols are not created by any artists and is believed that had self-appeared. But the temple around the idols was built in the 20th century.

When one plans to visit this temple they will face a lot of hurdles during their journey. A huge number of devotees will visit this temple every day and hence, it will be crowded throughout the day. Visitors will be welcomed by the Prasad sellers who will be guiding the VIP route and sell the Prasad to the devotees. In this temple, you will be given black-colored balls as Prasad which has to be thrown in the fire inside the temple.

Usually, when someone enters the temple, they will hear the bell sounds and mantras. But in this temple, you will be welcomed by the screams of the possessed humans. There are four chambers in this temple; Hanuman idol and Bhairav idol will be in the first two chambers. The devotees have to throw the black-colored balls into the ceremonial fire. After getting the blessing of these deities, devotees have to move to the third chamber where they will feel the negativity. In the third chamber, you will see many possessed men and women crying continuously, some will be banging their heads on the walls and the pillars and some will be pouring hot boiling water over their bodies. Many devotees will not visit the fourth chamber because it will be scarier than the third one. Only those who have courage will enter the fourth chamber. In the fourth chamber, you will see the possessed people who will be tied to rocks with chains and some even will get beatings from the priests. One thing you should remember when you step out of the last chamber is that you should not look back because the evil spirits will be waiting to hold you.

Some of the do’s and don’ts you should remember while visiting this temple are: devotees should not eat onions and animal proteins before going to the temple, devotees should not speak or touch anyone and eat or drink inside the temple.

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