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tgblog May 30 2018

A Stay in the Farmhouse!

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What best can it be to smear out your city’s routine stress and mundane life by landing up in a farmhouse that’s considered no less than a fairy-tale and letting the picturesque beauty of the environ, pristine shores of the beach ahead, swirling sounds of the birds and thrilling or adventurous sports confine your ordeal and refresh your ambiance? Yes, the farmhouses located in every location of our nation ought to offer these delicacies and one such is Chennai which is the capital of Tamil Nadu is a renowned city is known mainly for its beaches and historic monuments and that which includes a plethora of farmhouses where every day spent near the beaches amidst the lush greenery truly cherishes your stay. If you are a kind of person who does not like to lean back and sit rather get yourselves indulged in activities like farming, fishing, and plantation and sporting with friends or families then I say, you head on and make an online hotel booking at ticketgoose.com for a change.

The farmhouse located in Chennai near ECR roars of its picturesque views and serene locality that will ultimately unleash your horrifying stressful life and imbibe the tempting taste of nature. Usually the farmhouses constitute AC and non AC rooms with dining facility, spas, parks for the children to play, swimming pool maintained well by the hotel staff, conference halls and rooms for conducting corporate events, family gatherings or games and much more but the farmhouses near ECR is the best coz with the beach view in front, it’s just going to amaze you.

Check-in at early morning with your friends and experience the charm throughout the day by starting your day with drums and music or playing games that will keep your stay exciting. Further, after lunch, take a sunbath in the lush green lawns or swim for a while to waive your tiredness. Spend some quality time with nature by lighting bonfire at night and swaying around singing songs that come to your mind.

Thus, head here if you wish to leave behind all your official work and stress associated with it and enjoy the nature. For it, all you need to do is pack your bags and ride right away!

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