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tgblog May 12 2017

A Mid- Night Call Turns Helpful!

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Has anyone stopped you from traveling alone? I think many would have but have you ever realized why is that the girls are restricted from traveling alone. It had to be for their safety and I assure you that there are many firms out in the city working for “girls’ safety” but if you want the best then for all lone women travelers out there, make TicketGoose your TRAVEL COMPANION. Wondering why should you do it? Lend your ears to what Neelima, a traveler says about TicketGoose;

Neelima, a resident of Chennai went on a personal visit to Vijayawada and on her way; she faced a very dramatic incident where she was awfully helpless. She says that on her next seat being canceled, the driver asked her to adjust with a male traveler as there was no other seat vacant. On refusing to the driver’s request, he said nothing can be done and that had to be the only way as the bus was already on the highway. Desperate for help and the dark night outside stroke a point that TicketGoose gives to its customers, their customer care number. So, she made a call and explained her issue to the customer support person, the official convinced here by saying that her issue would be resolved.

In few minutes time, the driver got a call and after 15 min of talk, the driver went and requested a couple sitting at the back to adjust with Neelima. On- seeing the worried face of her, the couple agreed and everything was set to normal. This was one among the many incidents that prove TicketGoose’s dedication towards customer satisfaction.

So, look no further than TicketGoose for all your trips!

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