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tgblog Dec 28 2017

A Kamal Hassan Fan wouldn’t miss Visiting- Pichavaram

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A demagogue who holds on the listeners with his oration, a master of the classical dance form, a lyricist whose beats are known to sway on the ears of the spectators and a zealous director is known by the name of Ulaganayakan (coz of his interest and tryst in all the domains). Kamal Hassan, though has acted in several films, there is one such movie that has jolted the film industry; Dashavatharam. People who have seen the film would wonder where’s the place located when the song; Kallai Mattum Kandal was shot. Well, it is Pichavaram, a mangrove forest located close to Chidambaram.


Though Pichavaram is off the trail when it comes to a tourist destination, it is the second largest Mangrove forest of the nation that holds beautiful canals and backwaters where one can easily cherish the ride pass it. This place is close to Chidambaram that has an intricate network of canals and bridges making this place as one of the rich biodiversities of the state. The forest is spread over an area of 1100 hectares; take a boat ride here that is 6km long witnessing the nature in a different way.

When you are here, don’t forget to visit;

  1. Mangrove Forests and Pichavaram Backwaters
  2. Shopping in Chidambaram
  3. Nataraja Temple
  4. Sirkazhi which is a place closer to this locality
  5. Kali Temple and
  6. Natyanjali Festival

Though a simple destination to hear but heading there is a lifetime wish for many. Thus, book your taxis online at ticketgoose.com and ride in our outstation taxis to visit this destination.

Happy Going!

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