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tgblog Nov 24 2017

A Journey to the North-western Plateau of India- Amritsar

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Amongst the various enchanting cities of India known by varied aliases humming their fame, this North-western plateau of our nation sings loud of its steeped history, veracious culture and pastoral tradition; Amristar. The holiest abode for the Sikhs, the aroma of the palatable food, the hustle- bustle of the city and the old yet improvised look of the town will leave you jolted. Thus, this town has captured the hearts of the many and I bet a visit once to this temple town will make you re-visit again and again.

If you are here, then there are certain must- visit sights to watch for that would blow your mind off;

1. Golden Temple- Pride of Punjab

golden temple

If you are on a tour to India and if Punjab falls as your next destination for travel, then do not miss visiting the abode of Shri Harminder Sahib; the most prominent Sikh Gurudwara in Amritsar, that’s visited in flocks from all over the world invariably. The central shrine ringed by the marble walkway is known for its healing powers and pilgrims travel hours to visit this place and take bathe in the sacred waters.

2. Wagah Border- Indo- Pak Ceremony

wagah border

A harmony between India and Pakistan can be seen at Wagah border of Punjab nearly 28km from Pakistan. Though stands as a sign of retreat, the blend of anger, enthusiasm towards one’s country, love, sympathy, and emoticon can be seen on the face of the soldiers marching pasts the crowd. You can see this liberal harmony during the sunset every day and light the symbol of togetherness in your hearts post watching it.

3. Jallainwala Bagh- A Great Epic


Just a few kilometers from the Golden Temple is the Jallianwala Bagh; a place of great national importance that depicts the 19191 Amritsar Massacre. Now turned to a park, earlier was the ground where hundreds of people were shot dead, with many seen jumping onto the well that’s still there with bullet marks on it. Sigh high on seeing it because nationality showed its true colors.

Thus, head to Amritsar right away!

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