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tgblog Nov 20 2017

A Handy Travel Guide to Kochi!

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Kochi, known widely for its Portuguese civilization and the as areligious town is nothing but a beautiful canvas of nature giving its true colors on all aspects; be it the holy temple of Guruvayur or the unique fishing nets gifted by the Chinese emperor or the exquisite and the dainty Vembanad lake merging with the Arabian Sea. Despite the fact that this town in the state of Kerala was under immense uphold by the Portuguese and the Britishers, it has indeed managed to get the epithet, “ The Queen of the Arabian Sea”. From charming and pristine shores to ethereal ports to over-the-sky monuments and religious sites, Kochi has a lot to show to its tourists and with a pleasant weather at this time of the year, your trip to this place and stay ought to cherish you forever.

So, unveil some of the top-notch destinations of this place through this blog starting right with;

  1. Synagogue

An attractive artifact of the Portuguese architecture constructed nearly four hundred years ago that holds the eye of the beholder on seeing the beautifully hand-painted floor tiles, Belgian chandeliers, ornate gold pulpit and a spectacular clock tower built two hundred years post the Synagogue’s construction. All adding charm to this place thus making it the prime attraction of Kochi.


  1. Thrikkakara Temple

Who doesn’t know Onam? I bet it’s going to be none coz it’s on that D-Day where we get to see the Keralites draped themselves in their authentic style; girls in white Onam sarees and gents in their traditional attire. Well, this temple that’s in close proximity to Kochi is the best location of sighting thousands of devotees paying tribute to Lord Vamana, the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu by painting this beautiful temple with great zeal and zest. This temple hosts celebrations up to ten days.

Thrikkakara Temple

  1. Fishing Nets

You might be wondering why fishing nets, well, other than China, it is in Kochi where you get to see fishing nets installed on the land. If there are these types of nets outside the zone of China then it has to be only in Kochi because of the cordial relationship between the Chinese emperor and the Kochi kings. These are actually ten meter high net requiring approximately six to seven fishermen to operate. By visiting here, learn to cast it up like the locals do.

Fishing nets

So, what did you feel about the destinations? Very unique, isn’t it? Don’t stop deciding which place to head first coz there’s lot more to decide on your stay as well. There are budget and class hotels near Kochi to make your stay comfortable and for you to give a hassle-free idea on which hotel from TicketGoose’s online hotel booking portal.

Happy Traveling!

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