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tgblog Nov 08 2014

A Different Reason to Visit the Northeast

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You may have enough reasons to visit this enchanting land referred to as “Northeast India” for reasons may vary from person to person. For most, the region offers cultures – ranging from food, dance, attire as well as the people – unique in themselves as compared to the rest of India. It is true that here, one will get a feel of Southeast Asia despite being in India.

There is, however, another aspect which we often tend to miss out despite the obvious signs. The mist-filled hills of the area may reminds us of Wales, Scotland or the Nordic areas with striking similarities between the former and the latter lot, while the eerie and uncanny secrets behind the mists tend to remain veiled.

It may come as a surprise to many that the Northeast has an equally rich collection of ghost stories as well as tales of black magic and witches, just like Great Britain. Being a big region, it will not be possible for you to embark on a tour to all of these places. However, there are certain locations which will interest you. This, I say, from my own personal experience.

PPIs – Places of Particular Interest:

1. Mayong – Located just 50 km away from Guwahati, in the Nowgong district, this town is famous throughout the region for being inhabited by black magicians. Many youngsters willing to impress people the ‘short-cut’ way seek help from magicians here, who can work ‘wonders’ with their potions as well as amulets to make you ‘spell-bound’. Most locals seem to avoid the town and its inhabitants for their own safety.

A view of Mayong (Photo Courtesy - IndiaTimes, IANS)

A view of Mayong (Photo Courtesy – IndiaTimes, IANS)

2. Silchar – Located 229 km to the south of Shillong, is the city of Silchar, in the Barak Valley region of South Assam. The fertile green plains and valleys around the city are abound with tales of ghosts and jinns. It is believed that in the death of night a tall, shadowy figure often stands with his legs stretched out to the two ends of a road in an extremely threatening manner. He is said to be harmless to those who are fearless. Jinns possessing human beings, when the latter harm disguised entities are common tales. You can take a personal look at exorcisms, if you happen to know experts, or a friend who does.

3. Shillong – There are a lot of haunted places in this hill-station, also known as ‘Scotland of the East’. The city has its roots in colonial days, when soldiers of the mighty British Empire were camped here. A lot of British legacy in terms of culture as well as a church can be found here. The most interesting spot worth a visit here is Beaver Road in Oakland. Try take a walk along the meandering paths late in the evening and you will have a close shave with the ‘other entities’, if lucky. It is said that the souls of Britishers from the colonial era still wander around.

4. Nohkalikai Falls – The Nohkalikai Falls in Cherrapunjee (53 km south-west of Shillong) is the falls you need to visit not only for its natural beauty, courtesy the green pool below it, but also for the eerie story surrounding it. It is said that a local Khasi woman, Ka Likai, committed suicide after her second husband cooked her little daughter for dinner. The woman ate after a long day’s work and uncovered the horror after discovering the little girl’s fingerlings. Nohkalikai translates as ‘Jump of Likai’. It is a tourist destination now.


5. Jatinga – Located in the North Cachar Hills, now called Dima Hasao, district of Assam, this is the supernatural place where even the ones with weak hearts may visit. The ‘mass suicides’ committed by birds towards the end of the monsoon season is an eerie sight. The preconditions for this phenomenon to occur are slightly foggy conditions, winds blowing from the south to north; and the time between 7-10 pm. The ambience will scare you up for sure.

Photo Courtesy - nchills.gov.in

Photo Courtesy – nchills.gov.in

Visit more and you will unravel more here. It has to be borne in mind that such superstitions and beliefs have been fatal at times for locals. Thus, it may not be as funny or curious as you think. However, if you are looking for a trip ahead, you will definitely want to check out on those aspects as well. The locals will be more than willing to help you.

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