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tgblog Nov 14 2018


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Most of us still yearn to go back to certain happenings of our life again. One such day that we really grieve for is Children’s day! Let me first start with a wish, A Hearty Children’s Day! Wishes to all the little flowers that are going to bloom soon and stand as a strong tree.

Why do we celebrate this day?, an aspect that everyone knows is that it is our first Prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday who loved children in his whole life. He is fondly remembered as ‘CHACHA NEHRU’ by kids. The inner significance is to celebrate those loving children for their contribution to the respective roles they perform and to encourage them to grow more in the future.

“Children are the best creations of God, as they spread only joy and happiness in every season”. And yes, they make us happy in every aspect of our life with their interesting findings and naughty character. This day is celebrated not only to mark the significance of Nehru’s birthday, but also to ensure that the future of the nation depends only on the development of educated and broad-minded children. The nation’s fame relies only on the strength of the power minded youths.

Why Children’s day is celebrated with programmes in schools? It is to show that we have kids here with so much talents and they are capable of doing so much in the world. It is to show that they are capable of facing anything in the world boldly and they are ready to smash down challenges that come their way. We should respect them, their feelings and thoughts. Take them to many places and allow them to explore. And worried about bookings?, Don’t worry, here is India’s largest online bus ticket booking portal; ticketgoose.com to help you out with your adventurous journey with your child.

To such wonderful flowers of our life, what do we gift them in return?, and yes this is the very big question that every parent, every citizen should ask oneself. The greatest gift that one can give to the children is the roots of responsibilities and the wings of Independence to make them fly high.

Let’s together shape our Children like an Eagle and not like a Parrot, because a parrot speaks more but cannot fly high but an eagle remains silent and flies high. The  Nation is dependent only on the power of youth and one should always educate children in the best way and make them the Nation’s Pillars.

“Every child is an artist, it is in our hands to make reach heights and shine like a star”

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