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tgblog Sep 06 2016

7 tips to recover from a long weekend holiday

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Huh! It’s been crazy long weekend. I have no idea about others, but it was for me at least. Chennai is Monsoon rains can turn any normal person mad (pun intended). I was getting back home from work on Thursday evening, was so elated thinking about the long weekend ahead. And then crap happened. I got trapped in a bus due to water logging on the roads, the traffic went stand still. I reached home somehow after two hours; usually, it takes only half an hour to reach my area by that road. When I reached home my roommate told she had booked two movie tickets in Forum Vijaya mall, Vadapalani. Both of us kept on trying to book a cab on our phones- Ola, Uber, Fastrack but not a single cab was available near our area. We decided to go by MTS bus. But I told her to let’s not go out as the situation might worsen. I didn’t want either of us to go through the same disaster I went through in last year’s Chennai rain. I had to walk all through dirty rain water mixed with sewage water. Another friend of mine who had to board a bus from CMBT got stuck in the middle of the traffic and had to walk in water till his waist. The city goes frenzy even when it’s drizzling. We couldn’t make it for the movie and best friend got fully drenched in the rain. But at the end everything went fine, we got our money refunded within an hour before the movie and my best friend got into the bus to Kodaikanal, the bus waited an extra hour especially for them.

Back to work

Back to work

Forget mine. So, you had an awesome long weekend? No matter where did you go, returning from a trip is tiring. Many of us are back to work after a long weekend holiday. Coming back to work after a long weekend can feel like a mixed blessing. On one hand, you have been given three days to rejuvenate your mind and return to work with a keen perspective. Then again, for a considerable lot of us, three days can be sufficiently long to set an example of pastime. There are approaches to appreciate the long weekends without paying for it on the flip side. Here are a few tips to help you avoid emergency maneuvers on your way back to the office.

  1. You’ll have plenty of chances to freak out about returning to work. With early morning deliverables and meetings, it might be too much to take at a time. It is recommended to plan and schedule few tasks before the holiday. So that you can give time to some sudden plan changes or concentrates on the particular occurrence.
  2. Industries, especially like sales and marketing are so competitive that a day lost is almost a million slumps in business. Prepare “to do” list for the week and review the calendar of the month.
  3. You had rested enough on the couch at home, flight, or bus helping to accumulate too much fat around your tummy. Don’t overdo it, give yourself time. When you are back at the workplace; take a break, walk around, have a cup of fresh coffee. Start the day again.
  4. Ok now, meet your manager or team leader before they come to your desk and question your desk. Brief them what’s going on, what are you working on; show them the report, and what are your plans for the present or next project. This will show your dedication towards work and your managers will be impressed with your commitment.
  5. If you feel that you gotta lot to do after the long weekend break. Head the work earlier than usual time.
  6. Don’t let yourself slog. Take an evening tea or coffee break, but try not wasting time by partaking in chirpy gossips. If you wanna share your good holiday experience or your first ever bus travel incident jot it down in a blog or share your story in a social media or with your close friends and family. Too much chit-chat at workplace usually attracts too much attention, and it may sometime backfire.
  7. If you’re struggling to settle back into office life after a long weekend, chances are that you’re not the only one. Reaching out to colleagues and determining how you can best assist each other is a simple and effective way to lighten the workload after a short break.

 Nothing is impossible if you put your heart and soul at one thing and work on it.

All three of us (me, my roommate and my best) finally had a great long weekend. But all the while during those two hours of heavy rain, thunder and lightning we were thinking of only one thing- “How good it had been if there is an app for booking and calling the bus to your nearest destination like calling cabs.” Though Redbus guys are working on it, let’s hope for the best. And Thicketgoose.com has the facility to now track the whereabouts of the bus.

 Now forget the trauma that we went through at work or in our last long weekend. Let’s not take this work ethics too seriously, and rains come and go. We got another long weekend ahead us. Plan your trip, and let us know where you heading next.

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