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tgblog Jun 17 2019

7 Things to Keep in Mind for an Urgent Trip

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They say the best trips are those which are unplanned. But then given the circumstances prevalent today, it’s sometimes a last-minute heads-up about flying out of town on business. On the rare occasion that you end up being the lone ranger, you get to be a free bird and have time for yourself after the whirlwind planning or the lack of it. Well, here’s how not to kick up a storm and get a grip on your trip by booking bus tickets online in ticketgoose.com

Pack smartly – Bring in clothes that can be worn a couple of times. That way you will be able to pack in more with less. Dark colors typically won’t give out the soiled look. If you plan to hit the gym or go for a walk then just a pair of shorts and vest will do the trick. You can hand them out to dry at night. Another aspect of smart packing is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. In these times of wrinkle-free and Lycra clothing it’s a blessing for your disguise!


Tread with care – When deciding on shoes and slippers, take a semi-formal pair of shoes as they can double up for after-hours clubbing and casual evening strolls. A pair of sandals can do the trick for the nearby walks and when lounging around the resort. It helps carrying minimal footwear as they strangely take up space and poke into other items in the bag.


Plan after you arrive – A popular saying goes that “failing to plan is planning to fail” but it is often seen that it works out well if you chalk out your plan after you touchdown. That way you have a free schedule and can actually take stock of ground conditions


Look out for last minute bus deals These always have the surprise element advantages across the same routes. So be on the lookout for common bus routes to the destination you are heading to. Chances are, you may run into a juicy deal that will give wings to your plans.



Get a room that you can cancelSmart deals can be made when you can squeeze in room with your booking agent or the place you usually board. This allows you to cancel your booking or postpone your dates for a later visit. You can always wing it for a better deal.



Ask a native Its best to reach out to local residents when looking for places to stay and nearby marketplaces where you can stack up on the essentials that you may need during the trip. It also springs up a chance to know things first hand as you glean the information from the horse’s mouth on the real deal.

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Do take pills, toiletries and chargersYou can sometimes do without socks or your denims but certain personal care items like cleansing liquid for your contacts, your medications, mobile chargers can be bothersome when forgotten to pack in a hurry. In all probability, these items will be a tad irksome when trying to source from others or head out to buy one for the duration of the trip. Pack in small containers and bottles for your perfumes and aftershave.


Tuck in disposable razors as they can be done away without a fuss and bring back some wee bit room. If you plan to grow a stubble during the trip then you are saved from packing the aftershave bottle too. Make sure you have your headphones and chargers. Headphones double up as hands-free when you are on the move and have to take or make calls. It also helps you listen to songs and ward of any nosy parkers who approach you.

So the next time you have a trip lined up a short notice, don’t break into a sweat; instead break into a jig! Take it as it comes and live it up as you make memories and remember the famous quote: It’s not the years that count in your life. It’s the life in your years. Bon voyage!

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