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tgblog Aug 09 2019

7 lovely bus journeys in India

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Mumbai to Goa

This road is 600 kilometres of awesomeness filled with greenery, ghats and water bodies. This road remains beautiful all round the year.  According to me, travelling by car on this route is the most fantastic experience. The road crosses many rivers and mountains and many beautiful temples and waterfall.”


Visakhapatnam to Chennai

One of the stunning highways in India, this road is not popular amongst roadies. I love to drive and enjoyed driving via ECR road. Got to see some good scenic beauties. The route is filled with places to eat and relax. There are good restaurants, hotels, resorts etc. to help you have a good time. Also, make sure you visit Shirdi Saibaba Temple near the Pondicherry Engineering College.”

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Leh to Kargil

You feel like a free-spirit. Nothing beats the experience of discovering Leh and re-discovering yourself.  The highway is made for a road trip – it will give you all that you need – adventure and bliss.”

Bangalore to Ooty

The twisty-turny road from Mysore to Ooty through national parks and wildlings on the road is the best road trip you can take when you’re in the southern part of India.

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Srinagar to Udhampur

Full of greenery and a pollution-free environment makes it a peaceful place and you just do not feel like leaving the place. The best way to travel is to go by road as the roads are good and very scenic. We had food from a local dhaba and had tea, which was made of sattu!


Delhi to Leh

Awesome view everywhere. We have visited so many monastery and other places within 15 days. Best places are the passes where the nature is at it’s natural.

Jaipur to Jaisalmer

The roads are very well-maintained and the view along the road was too good with lots of peacocks to be seen on the roads. You get great views of the sand dunes along the road and the favorite food of barmer city is found easily in everywhere, and the taste is superb.

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Happy holidays folks!

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