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tgblog Jun 19 2019

5 Things to Remember when Looking for Your Perfect Hotel

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Don’t we all want a home away from home when travelling on vacation or business? Even if for a few days or when having to manage a booking at the last minute. You thought you would bank upon your regular hotel for a room even during the peak season as you saunter in after a tiring flight with your luggage. You are met with a smiling desk clerk who when asked for a room says he would if he could. Before it sinks in that you were let down by your trusted innkeeper, here’s the top advice on how to find the perfect hotel in online at ticketgoose.com that will enable you to focus on the business at hand and leave the rest at the sidelines.

Location – Well, this is one criteria that ranks high on every traveler’s checklist, be it business or pleasure, since the action starts from there. The ideal hotel has to be centrally located in the city. If it’s near the airport, nothing like it as you are saved from the commute from the airport to the hotel to the meeting place. You can cut on local travel to save both time and money when you find the perfect hotel. Leisure travelers would typically want to choose hotels located near the shopping district and other prominent sightseeing places as they can wake up late or come back late and get into their comfort zone in a jiffy. Being in a prime location can quickly get you ready for the next item on the itinerary which could be a visit to a fancy restaurant that’s rated highly or make a short visit to your close relative.

Credibility – What people say about a hotel when not staying in it is what prompts travelers to patronize it. That means the ratings and remarks are to be looked out for when you find the perfect hotel. Check with your booking agent about any new hotels that is picking up brownie points among travelers of late. You can also corroborate the results in your own way when you consult with your co-passenger on where they usually find the perfect hotel to board when they visit that particular city.

Facility – A complete accommodation is what the entire package offers you in terms of daily linen change, complimentary toiletries, free and fast WiFi and what not. Do ensure they serve breakfast and have a restaurant where you can have a quick bite later on in the day. It helps you save on time and keeps away the cranky mood that you slip into when you miss your morning bite. So, you may want to stay away from a European Plan hotel as they do not offer breakfast and beverages bundled with the room tariff.

Tariff – If you are a business traveler you have the advantage of corporate rates which are beneficial both to you and the company you represent. You can negotiate and avail dynamic pricing that hotels offer from time to time to frequent guests and patrons. Do remember to settle your bills on the last day well before you check out to avoid those last minute hassles and gaffes. Remember to thank and wish the staff for their services and indulgences for a comfortable stay. Believe us, it works wonders when you visit the next time.

Offers – Check if they have refund offers and friendly cancellation policies. Certain extra services that you thought were a gesture may attract charges! Usually, most hotels provide reliable wifi, so make the most of it by staying connected with your business partners and near and dear ones. Travelers who are visiting a city for a particular project may require extended stays at the hotel till the project is inaugurated. It’s during this period of stay that hotels can shower you with niceties on weekends with BBQ evenings or film screenings to build on your loyalty and entertain you further.

So, now that you know the top hacks on how to find the perfect hotel, you need not worry about your next trip out of town. All distant places look familiar as home is where the hotel is. Now you only have to look forward to the trip and enjoy your stay as you are in good hands.


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