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tgblog Aug 30 2016

10 Tips to Travel Safe by Bus

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May it be a local bus or train, taking public transport is always an arduous task. Journeying by flight to the nearest city is much easier. People, as always busy most of their life, prefer comfort, luxury and short duration over cost. To entice more and more passengers, even many airlines and travel operators come up with cheap flight fare offers. But sometimes it’s worth to hit the road. Opt for night buses and you won’t have to worry about annoyingly long security check and boarding queues.

Enjoy safe journey in bus

Enjoy safe journey in bus

Taking bus journey means, no worries of standing in the long check-in queue, will get enough time to sleep during your journey, measurably less or no panic for baggage missing. Though, bus journey can be sometimes bummer due to bumpy roads and loud neighbors.

I have traveled a lot by bus; day and night, morning and evening. And I have gained a lot of experiences and plus point is I have gained a lot of guts in me.

You can keep some safety precautions before and during the journey. Here are few tips to survive bus journey:

  • Choose the right travel agent/operator

With growing tour and travel industry dupes and fake firms who can riff off your money from you. So, always be careful while choosing travel agents or operators. Take a recommendation from your friends and family, or else online reviews are always there. Look for official website to find about their authenticity.

  • Enquire about the route before booking tickets

Check local travel advisories and be sure the bus route is not one where robberies and/or accidents are common at night. If you see warnings about this, you might want to opt for a day bus.

  • Book online in advance

Advance and properly planned travel is a judicious choice. Choose your journey day and date, visit bus travel operator website to book your tickets. Few popular and reliable online bus tickets booking platform in India are – Redbus, Travelyaari, Ticketgoose, Abhibus, Mybustickets, etc. These ticketing platforms provide offers like sales, discounts, coupons, promo codes and much more to entice customers.

  • Splurge on first-class

Indian transport system does not have a good reputation on people. Say it government hospitals, train, or buses; all same. In most cities or small towns in India, driving on the road is like going for a rollercoaster ride. At least when you are planning to travel inter-city, take the best and first class bus from renown bus operator or agent.

  • Arrive on time

“Time and tide waits for none,” proves so right in every aspect. Try to be on time to catch the bus. The agents or the operators will provide you one pick point and time. If you are late you will miss the bus. And, you cannot miss the bus, because missing the bus means, waste of money on auto or cab, energy, and of course time.

  • Travel light

Indians have the habit of carrying a lot of stuff when they are traveling, starting from food to toiletries. It is good to carry these things on the ground of hygiene, but overdoing it would be an utter foolishness. Be a smart traveler, pack in a way that you don’t go hungry, or sick, or out of clothes, and most importantly cash.

  • Travel safe

Most distressing thing while traveling in a bus is that they don’t have loo. Though buses do have stop-over on the way for loo breaks or stretching out or for food, these are mostly places somewhere on the highways or some outskirt village where toilets are ‘Oh holy mother,’ utterly dingy. These places are also shady, built behind some petty shop or somewhere at the corner. So, by any chance, you are traveling at night, and during such stop-over you are forced to use such toilets, better keep your colorful imagination away. So, don’t ever forget to carry your first aid kit box- Sanitizer, tissue paper, soap, torchlight and other toiletry kits to keep yourself safe from infections.

  • Bring snacks

Most of the routes that come on the way during bus travels are remote areas miles and miles away from hustle and bustle city life. During day journey crossing these places will seem serene, soothing, and lustrous. But, as mentioned above these are remote areas and finding something suitable to eat is difficult. Carrying small bites in your bag pack won’t add much weight.

  • Bring something to pastime

If you are going for a long 6-10 hours solo bus journey, you cannot keep peeping out of the window or sleep al through the journey. If you are an ardent reader you can carry and finish your favorite writer’s novel during this long journey. Or load your Smartphone or IPod or laptop with your favorite songs, or movies, wear head/earphones and this is not gonna be a boring bus journey.

  • Use your GPS

People tend to doze off or lose direction or simply forget. Keep your GPRS on to keep track on your destination arrival.

Hope, the above ten bus travel tips will help you sort out your journey. If you have any interesting and helpful tips, share with us.


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  1. Nelson Gosa says:

    Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Extremely useful info specially the last part 🙂 I care for such information a lot. I was seeking this particular info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

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