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tgblog Sep 11 2019

10 Most Scenic Train Routes in India – Part 1

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These 20 astonishing train travels over the length and expansiveness of the nation are the acknowledgment of that additional mile by Indian Rail. Covering the slopes, fields and even the oceans are these 10 Best Indian Train Journeys on an agenda. What number of have you marked off the bucket list in the 2 part series? 

The Short n’ Sweet Hubli – Madgaon trip: 

You can make a trip Hubli to Madgaon by different Indian railroad ventures. It is an adventure of 180 kilometers which expends 3-4 hours. There are numerous trains that kept running on this course including Chennai Vasco Express (just on Saturday), Amaravathi Express ( Mon, Wed, Thu and Sat from 9.00 to 13.55, Tirupati – Vasco – da – Gama Express Thu 23.50 – Fri 5.15) etc.


The Unmatched Golden Chariot: 

Another extravagance visitor train whose name is gotten from the Stone Chariot in the Vitthala Temple, Hampi. Contingent upon the particular agendas, the train wanders into prominent Indian places of interest including Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Pondicherry. This train, with its offices, gives extraordinary compared to other Indian railroad ventures. 

golden chariot

The Heavenly Island Express (Kanyakumari to Trivandrum): 

The train covers 944 kilometers just in 19 hours and 15 minutes. Starting from Bangalore and closure at Kanyakumari, and furthermore keeps running in the turn around the course (train no. 16525). In transit, this train routinely crosses the territory of Kerala (through Kottayam, Palakkad, and Thiruvananthapuram). Meanwhile, the train stops multiple times during the adventure. 


The Scenic Visakhapatnam – Araku Valley: 

The separation between Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley is 116 kilometers. Train no. 58501 keeps running on the course and devours roughly 5 hours. The train starts its adventure from Vizag at 6.10 am and finishes at Araku valley at 11.00am. There is a bundle charge which incorporates tiffin, lunch, and tidbits. 

araku valley


The Ultimate Hassan to Mangalore Journey: 

244 kilometers separate the two spots from one another, however with the helpful railroad you can without much of stretch travel on the course. There are a few trains that spread the course and 2 trains every day cross the path.16517 Kannur Express leaves Hassan at 1:40 am and closes its voyage at Mangalore at 2:45 am and 16515 Yesvantpur Junction Karwar Express is the last train that withdraws Hassan for Mangalore at 10:55 am and finishes the adventure at 12:00 pm. 



The Majestic Matheran – Neral Ride: 

The train that covers the course is 2 feet tight check legacy railroad called Matheran Hill Railway. The train keeps running at Maharashtra, India and is overseen by Central Railways. The train covers 21 kilometers of separation and associates Neral to Matheran. 


The Srinagar-Baramulla Zone: 

To consistently interface J&K with the rest of India, a wide gauge railroad line was built up. This railroad line is spread all through a 345 km extending from Jammu to Baramulla, crossing numerous quake inclined zones and separation points. 


Go the Goa Express Way (Vasco Da Gama-Londa): 

The Superfast Goa Express, offers one of the quickest Indian railroad rides. The train starts from Vasco da Gama and finishes at the Hazrat Nizamuddin station in Delhi. The train covers a 2,202 km separation while ceasing at 27 stations in the middle. 

The Amazing Awadh Assam Express (Guwahati to Silchar): 

The all-around well-kept Awadh Assam Express is overseen by the Indian Railways – Northeast Frontier Railway zone. The train’s voyage starts from Dibrugarh and finishes at Lalgarh Junction. It covers a separation of 3,118 km while ending multiple times incorporating Guwahati in Assam. 

Jammu to Udhampur is Now Available: 

It is a 53km separation from Jammu from Udhampur. What’s more, with help from the railroad specialists you can travel the two spots easily. At that point, obviously, there are numerous trains that interface both the stations with the Train No. 04033 New Delhi Udhampur AC Special and 04113 Allahabad Junction. The 2 trains keep running every day on the way and the number goes up to 7 out of seven days. 

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Watch out for our second part of the series. May you Go Beyond the Journey, everyone!


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