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tgblog Dec 05 2017

CSK! CSK! CSK!- It’s the Reign of CSK

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IPL 2018 Season is going to be packed with a full pack of strokes and heat around the pitch because the team dressed in ‘Yellow’ is back, which means, our cricket legend; Dhoni’s back to CSK as the team’s skipper. What more extolling can it be than seeing the twin times Champion Trophy winners, CSK competing against the other squads? Bet, it is going to blow your hats off (If you are wearing one) seeing the extravagant sixes, wickets and some great stumping. Despite the ban on them for the past two years with a hefty hoard of speculations going […..]

tgblog Dec 01 2017

Part 1- Why Should CSK be your Favourite Team?

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IPL is arriving early next year once again and after a ban of two years from IPL, people’s most loved and desired team; CSK is returning. Therefore, it is going to be a moment where one can be seen with great zeal and fervor commemorating the return of the team and every win, the team aims for. Well, it is not the end coz every wicket the team players take, it is going to be a head-on toe moment for the CSK fans and the others. Whatever be the situation, don’t skip any of the matches’ coz no one knows […..]