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tgblog Oct 04 2014

What to Do, Where to Go on Eid al-Adha?

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Eid al-Adha, known as Bakr-Id in India, is considered to be the greater of the two Eid festivities held in the Muslim world. It stretches on for a period of four days across continents, based on the sighting of the moon. The motions of the day are more or less the same world over. However, when it comes to what exactly needs to be done on this day (these days rather) is a perplexing concern for many people in urban centers. Given that this day is marked as a national holiday, there are a couple of options to be tried […..]

tgblog Sep 27 2014

Durga Puja – Visit, Eat and Worship

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Growing up in a region with a cosmopolitan nature gave me a chance to understand different cultures. The North-East is an area with a sizeable Bengali population. Thus, after Christmas, the major festival celebrated here is Durga Puja, popularly known as Sharadiya Utsav. The ethnic Assamese or Asomiya people also celebrate it. As the festive season approaches, my Bengali friends would say that they could easily smell the fragrance of puja in the air. It is an event to welcome goddess Durga into our homes from her husband Shiva’s abode. Truly so, as it is a time when we would […..]

tgblog Sep 18 2014

Topslip – South India’s Yarrow Unvisited

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With long weekdays becoming a trend these days, it is quite natural to seek a short trip to a nearby destination. For many in South India, the answer may lie in Kodaikanal or Ooty. However, there is a place called Topslip, not in England or America, but rather here in Tamil Nadu. With its picturesque green hills, pleasant weather, beautiful tea gardens and wildlife, Topslip is a place you definitely ought to try out. Located in Coimbatore district, the town nearest to Topslip is Pollachi at a distance of 17 km north-east. The district headquarters is located 61 km to […..]

tgblog Sep 06 2014

What to Expect this Onam?

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This is Onam-time and a mass, well if not ‘mass’, a mini-exodus of Keralites from different parts of the country to Kerala is expected. The festival is also popular among the Malyali diaspora based in the Gulf Arab nations of UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. As an outsider in the region, you may have often wondered what Onam is all about. Let’s try to explore. What is it all about? For laymen, this is the first question likely to strike.  Well, Onam is basically a ten-day harvest festival, consisting of a culmination event. Having said that, it […..]

tgblog Sep 01 2014

Grooming Young Minds for the Future!

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It is often said that practice makes a man perfect. One grows up with continuous lectures from parents as well as teachers on this ‘practice’, especially in relation to mathematics. As time passes by and we grow up as students, we realize how true this is. A long or continuous session of theory lectures and explanations turn futile, unless demonstrated properly. At TicketGoose.com, we stress on this value and try to help others too. With growing popularity in many areas, we are always growing as a brand. Many youngsters, especially from Tamil Nadu, are inquisitive about the organization and its […..]