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tgblog Nov 08 2014

Star Biriyani of Ambur – The Authentic Flavour

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It does not matter which part of India you are in, the craze for biriyani among all generations always takes a bizarre turn. Remember Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapur in the movie Daawat-e-Ishq sprinkling the aroma of the saffron-tinged Hyderabadi biriyani? The taste of this royal delicious meal is a sure-shot way to make you pause and think before you say ‘no’ to it! This famous rice-meal is a delicious treat that forms a part and parcel of many festivals and royal occasions such as marriage, hang-outs, office parties, get-togethers or family gatherings. The festival of Ramzan, Bakri Id […..]

tgblog Nov 08 2014

A Different Reason to Visit the Northeast

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You may have enough reasons to visit this enchanting land referred to as “Northeast India” for reasons may vary from person to person. For most, the region offers cultures – ranging from food, dance, attire as well as the people – unique in themselves as compared to the rest of India. It is true that here, one will get a feel of Southeast Asia despite being in India. There is, however, another aspect which we often tend to miss out despite the obvious signs. The mist-filled hills of the area may reminds us of Wales, Scotland or the Nordic areas […..]

tgblog Nov 05 2014

Nandi Hills – A Misty Paradise above the Clouds

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Looking for a break this weekend to spend time in a misty hilltop above the clouds? Is it not a good idea to have a refreshing getaway to the hills to beat the heat? If you are a nature-lover, a retreat trip to Nandi Hills is a perfect destination for lovers and honeymooners to hangout, laze around and spend some romantic time with your loved ones. Nandi Hills is a popular destination bestowed with untouched natural bliss and serenity; and if you are a sports-lover looking out for some action sports amidst the lush green hilly slopes, this place can […..]

tgblog Nov 01 2014

6 Survival Tips for your Long Bus Trip [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Now your long bus trip will no longer seem to be very long! As we ferry you to your favorite destinations, we ensure your comfort level. Just a click away, book and tadaa! Your bus travel lifecycle starts without compromising on your health status. Here is a short attempt to familiarize you with few healthy travel tips & ideas that ensure your health and safety. Grab your Special Offers on Bus Ticket Bookings with TicketGoose.com Know us to love us So if this piece of artwork beckons you, share this Infographic amongst blog readers. And that’s not all, feel free […..]

tgblog Oct 30 2014

Cherrapunjee – The Wettest Place on Earth

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It may be not be unusual for you to love rains and showers for a wide variety of reasons. Especially if you are from a region which considers rainfalls to be a bliss, you would want a short trip or may be an eternal stay at a place where the heavens open up and shower the lands with blissful greenery, meandering streams and rivers. Though such areas are not hard to find, there is a place in India – Cherrapunjee – which has gained universal fame for all the right reasons. Of late, a lot of confusion seems to prevail […..]