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tgblog Aug 18 2016

Unraveling bus journey experience

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We all have a child in us, which often pokes us to do certain fascinating things and the person with a heart of a child can only find thrill in doing. For example; traveling around is one such thrilling hobby, passion, or craze, or obsession for many people like me. I take pleasure in getting away for a short trip almost each weekend. And our country is blessed with stunning beaches, a rich culture, ancient heritage edifices, majestic temples, magnificent mountain ranges and much more. There is much to see and explore, and to catch sight of the beauty around […..]

tgblog Apr 21 2016

Traveling in India – Part 2

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3. Buses in India are pretty much like human beings They come in all sorts of sizes, age groups, condition and shapes. Truth be told, the condition of buses 60 years ago were substantially better than they are today. And this, despite the fact that the buses of yore belonged to a different generation of technology. And this is primarily because they were maintained better. Not dissimilar to humans, where you have several senior citizens today who are in much better health than their younger counterparts. The private bus industry had strong motivation to keep the bus running and so […..]

tgblog Mar 28 2016

Traveling in India

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1.Getting from one place to another – then and now! The year was 1969. I had passed out of IIM Calcutta and joined the then Coca Cola Export Corporation and was assigned territory sales in UP and thereafter Tamilnadu and Kerala. Even in those days, Coca Cola had 99 distributors in Kerala alone and traveling during summer meant extensive travel by car and bus. So, here is a coincidental observation. It used to be possible in Tamilnadu to cover approximately 55-60 km per hour and no matter how hard we tried, the quality of the roads was the biggest constraint […..]

tgblog Nov 29 2014

Egmore – Where Buses, Trains Egg Up

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Egmore is an upmarket area of Chennai, which has been popularized by a lot of Tamil movies, primarily as a railway hub. Factually too, Egmore is known more as a railway preference thanks to its iconic station. In fact, it will not come as a surprise for many if you land in Egmore when you have come up to visit the city. You will recognize it with the red railway station. However, the area has of late been evolving as a major intercity bus hub as I have noticed during the course of my two years’ stay. With the evolution […..]

tgblog Nov 22 2014

Cheraman Juma Masjid – The First Mosque of the Indian Subcontinent

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Kerala is described as “God’s Own Country” due to the laid-back and comfortable lifestyle of the people.  It is famous for its beaches, hill stations, traditional dance and cuisine. The state is easily accessible by bus from neighbouring Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. More often than not, it is the backwaters which attract tourists to the state. However, there is more in the state than what meets the eye. Besides the popular tourist attractions, one particular spot which has managed to evade the much deserved publicity it deserves is Kodungallur. The town is home to the Cheraman Juma Masjid […..]