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tgblog Feb 24 2017

Deep and Rich Experience with TicketGoose

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Early in the morning, how will it be when there is chatter-butter everywhere with howling sounds all around like a hungry and happy lion roaring on clutching its prey? And above all these, this had to happen now; water gushed out of the washing machine and my mother screamed calling out my name. Me, like a dead corpse, got out of my bed, pushed aside the packed baggage that was kept in the living room and headed to the kitchen to where my mom was standing. She handed me a spanner and asked me to fix it.  While I was […..]

tgblog Feb 22 2017

5 Books that will Inspire you 2 Travel

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People say that, “when you open a book, you open a new world”. This particular line indeed has a sound sense because every time you open a book, it lands you in a world that is either filled with fantasy, mystery or love. In today’s scenario, books have become inevitable to mankind and thus the crave for it continues. There are two great things in life; one is reading a book that lets you float in its connotation and the other is traveling, so what if we combine both? Yes, here are the five books that will simply arouse the […..]

tgblog Feb 16 2017

Ticketgoose.com – An Ideal Transformation

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  Be it music, historic trade routes, culture, cuisines, people or art, India amazes not only her natives but her neighbors as well. Similarly, every artifact from chilling hill stations to grand forts and stunning temples has created a strong sense of realm in one. Nurturing this thought of unsealing the beauty of “God’s Own Country” in all, ticketgoose.com had laid its first stone on Aug 15 2007 and has developed steadily since then. With the aid of top-notch services and cutting-edge technologies, Ticket Goose has grown as India’s leading and unique online bus booking portal trusted over million Indians. […..]

tgblog Feb 13 2017

Soulful Ending on one’s V-day

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“Searched across heavens, crossing seas, for her long-awaited miracle and on seeing her long-lost love made her jocund”. Well. Well. Well, it’s valentine’s eve and my fellow Chennai mates don’t scratch your heads thinking whether will your surprises, surprise your valentine. This is one such problem faced by many and why will they not? When 3D holographic images have come to a step closer to reality, when technology is evoluting every other second and when people have started using new gen laptops from stationed monitors, why affixed to gifting greeting cards and letters to your beloved every year. Go different […..]

tgblog Feb 10 2017

6 places to visit in Tamil Nadu

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New York Times ranks Tamil Nadu on 24, in its 52 places to visit list 2016. The state has been chosen for its rich cultural heritage, huge temple complexes and beautiful Chettinad mansions. Here is a quick list of 6 must visit places. Mahabalipuram A UNESCO world heritage site, Mahabalipuram was the stronghold of the Pallava dynasty and an important sea-port. The town boasts of sanctuaries like the Rathas dedicated to the Pandavas, the mandapas (cave sanctuaries) and the open-air  reliefs, especially the giant “Descent of the Ganges”, all carved out of hard granite rock.  Other prominent architecture includes the […..]