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tgblog May 05 2017

How Far Can You Travel With 10k?

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Cozy weather and blood- curdling destinations are the two prime parameters deciding our travel visits but what stop us back are the monetary issues. Whenever we hear about vacationing or holidaying, we get to see two kinds of people; one who plans very early in their journey and the other who waits till the last for their last minute deals or offers and for all the latter travellers here is your best option as TicketGoose which is India’s leading online bus ticketing portal has released its mind- blowing summer offers that will just take your breath away! For more details […..]

tgblog May 04 2017

Catch Live Moments of IPL at these Places!

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IPL, with its genesis in 2008 is truly a grand fanfare that is commemorated with huge zest, glory, and fervor. Every year when it starts, millions around the nation shower their huge love towards the game by printing personalized t-shirts, tweeting and supporting their desired teams. A single place which unites the whole lot of cricket teams across the world. Startled? After all, it has to be super entertainment. Now, with finals aired up, the teams are fighting against each other for winning that one particular magnificent cup that would reveal their strength, unity, and skill. As per the latest […..]

tgblog Apr 26 2017

Sizzling Summer Offers for all Travellers

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What is it that most of us do during peak sweltering temperature, switching on our air-conditioners, watching a sportive game and having a delightful meal, isn’t it? But, there is a lot more to witness and benefit from your normal gloomy days. With scorching summers and school vacations up, it’s time to head to exotic destinations with your desired ones and with exciting travel offers coz at the end of the day if there is something that matters the most, then it is the penny spent on every visit. Considering this view and giving it the prime importance, TicketGoose which […..]

tgblog Apr 21 2017

From Mundane Life 2 an Exhilarating Weekend Getaway

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Have you ever wondered how is it going to be for one to be always equipped with files and papers all around throughout the year and that too with kids vacation on the air, is going to be lot more hectic. So, it is high time that you take a break from the normal routine life of yours to a more refreshing and energetic days sighting the authentic scenic beauty of lush green lawns, feasting in the picnic zone of the valleys, talking to the locals and trekking in the wild forest Ghats. What more can be entertaining than these […..]

tgblog Apr 18 2017

Take a Ride to the Scariest place – Bhangarh Fort

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Are you a type of person who jitters on hearing ghost tales from your grandparents? Or are you a type of person who is on foot to visit that particular bloodcurdling location after hearing the remnants of legendary tales of the mishap. Who isn’t interested in listening to these tales and one such anecdote that would combine your travel and horror together is the Bhangarh Fort- a fort that was constructed in the 17th century in the state of Rajasthan that is located near the renowned tiger reserve in the Aravali Hills in Alwar, Rajasthan. The fort is housed at […..]