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tgblog Sep 08 2017

Delhi to Shimla- Walk Pass the Streets!!!

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Shimla based at the foothills of the Himalayas is one of the most visited hill stations from across the world and a center of respite from the scorching Deccan plateau. Once declared the summer capital of the Britishers in the Colonial India, this place still exudes the era’s charm, in view with the hill retreats and getaways making it a hiatus spot from the mundane life. Situated at an altitude of 2200 meters above the sea level, this place delights both the old buildings and the Anglo- Saxon names. With snippets of Colonial past hidden amidst the dense forests, Shimla […..]

tgblog Sep 07 2017

Check Where These Operators Can Take You!!

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Lush dense greenery spread across the Western Ghats, pristine shimmering backwaters of Kerala, the ebullient resonance of birds in sanctuaries and the enthralling architectural wonders have made the Southern part of India, a place to be reckoned with. Besides major states covering the entire Deccan plateau, the two dotted islands in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal- the Lakshadweep and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands have made South India a prominent tourists destination. As covering the entire place is quite impossible, let us focus on some of the top destinations covered by our top travel operators whom we have […..]

tgblog Sep 05 2017

Planning for a Weekend Trip? Book in These!!!

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From gushing sound of the rivers and trickling lakes to pristine beaches and adrenaline-rush trekking spots, India is packed with fun-filling destinations that ought to give you a handful of insane experience and that which will forever be noted down in your memory lane. Be it treading on the root bridges in Cherrapunji or trekking through the dense forests of the Western Ghats, India has a lot more to show to its tourist dwellers. But, the travel matters the most coz anyone traveling to such destination expects their journey to be soothing. So, here in this blog, I have mentioned […..]

tgblog Aug 31 2017

A Bizarre Location to Hit your Spirits High!!!

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From the queer moments of a mass of migratory birds committing suicide to an astounding once-in reign palace whose entry is forbidden after sunset, there is a mystery left behind almost everywhere. India, a land of rich culture, heritage and people of varied views on paranormal activities, is surely a place of enigma and one such destination where the tale of paranormal incidents never subsidies is West Bengal. From Writer’s Building where none dare to stay at evening because of the spooky incidents to South Park Street Cemetery where many have complained about falling sick on visiting it, West Bengal […..]

tgblog Aug 29 2017

Cop Runs 1km With 10kg Bomb on His Shoulder

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                                                                                             Image Source: NDTV Chitora, a small village in the Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh that is approximately 170km from the capital city, Bhopal experienced a sense of bravery last week when a bomb weighing 10kg was found in the backyard of the government school where around 400 children attend. Report says that once when […..]