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tgblog Dec 20 2017

Where Can these Operators take You?

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I had said in many blogs earlier about the various utmost operators that TicketGoose has paired with. Today, I have come up with yet another interesting topic on which all places these below mentioned operators are known for and get an idea of what’s special at those destinations. So, to start with: National Travels- Established in Karnataka as a small scale industry has now grown to become a reliable fleet operator in the travel industry with over fifty buses plying across major routes of Southern India. Known for its excellence in the safety of passengers and the amenities it offers […..]

tgblog Dec 15 2017

A Trip to Mehandipur Balaji Temple – The Witch Temple

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Don’t you believe in the evil spirits? Then do visit Mehandipur Balaji Temple in the Dausra district of Rajasthan, then you will automatically believe in witches. It is the place where one can witness the live exorcism. Lord Hanuman (Balaji), Lord Bhairav and Pret Raj (King of Spirits) are the three deities who are worshipped in this temple; these idols are not created by any artists and is believed that had self-appeared. But the temple around the idols was built in the 20th century. When one plans to visit this temple they will face a lot of hurdles during their […..]

tgblog Dec 14 2017

Find out whether these Operators ply across your Place!

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India, a diverse land blessed with dazzling topography, rich culture, historical legacies, architectural excellence, bountiful tourists’ spots, fabulous beaches, and thickets of lush greenery never misses out the top spot of any traveler’s checklist. From the mesmerizing snow-clad peaks of the North to the vivid architecture of the South, every destination here is awe- striking and thus would make the trip a cherishable one. We all would have heard about the utmost destinations this land offers but the concerning part would be the travel to those places. Having TicketGoose as a travel partner would never make you feel lost in […..]

tgblog Dec 13 2017


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Guys, welcome back. Yet another week to keep you updated on our Sportzbus. Well, this time I have come to remind you that many registrations are happening in our Sportzbus and yours is still pending.  What is it that’s stopping you? Or are you not aware of what this product is? Then for all those out there, who are still figuring out what this product is all about, just take a glance down; Sportz Bus is a yet another facility offered by TicketGoose that helps you watch your favorite IPL team, CSK plays their matches on their home ground; M.A […..]

tgblog Dec 13 2017

It’s all here for foodies- Mumbai

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When Bollywood and malls have attracted your vision towards this state of celebrity- Mumbai, there is one more aspect to put light on; Food. Mumbai is known for culinary delights from fast food or quick restaurants to five stars. The most amazing dishes and aroma can be seen in the air of this popular metropolitan state; from magnificent signature dishes of top chefs featuring innovative styles and the use of ingredients to the ancient Mughal style of dishes. What a feeling isn’t it? Truly an epitome of delicacies! So, for you to have that salivating mouth, visit these restaurants; 1. […..]