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tgblog Jun 12 2018

Bijapur- The Marvel of India!

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Opulent palaces, Stunning landscapes, doomed tombs, minarets, arches, extravagant rivers and what not!!! Yes very true, Bijapur, a land of five rivers is regarded as an ancient city that is located in the North- Western region of Karnataka and in close proximity to Bangalore and Hyderabad was constructed in the 11th century by the very renowned and skilled Kalyani Chalukyas. Though ancient by name, this city still remains tall in terms of monuments and rich culture. At a distance of just 534 km from Bangalore and 380km from Hyderabad, Bijapur has lot more to show to its tourists, be it […..]

tgblog Jun 07 2018

Must Visit Places near Bangalore!

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Did you know one thing? Bangalore is called the Queen of Season’s coz of its moderate temperature and fuzzy weather that makes one stay under the blanket imbibing the sense of adventure and travel in one. What more charming can it be than a scene sighting the sweet bustling of bees, the chirping of birds, flowers blooming and a lively earth that marks the start of spring? At a temperature so moderate, who doesn’t like traveling and planning for a trip and here are the three topmost places in Bangalore that will surely make you pack your bags and head […..]

tgblog Jun 05 2018

If you’re in Madurai, do not Miss these!

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Known explicitly for its divine sculptures, each of which is carved very intricately and marvelously the artisans are to be what rewarded for bringing out something that is cherished worldwide now and hats off to those people who have never missed to imbibe the cultural significance in every art. Yes, you have guessed it right; it’s Madurai, the temple city that is known for its sprawling spectacular religious creations that draws a flock of tourists from all around the world. Besides being the temple city, there are few other considerations that place Madurai at the top of the list, starting […..]

tgblog May 30 2018

A Stay in the Farmhouse!

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What best can it be to smear out your city’s routine stress and mundane life by landing up in a farmhouse that’s considered no less than a fairy-tale and letting the picturesque beauty of the environ, pristine shores of the beach ahead, swirling sounds of the birds and thrilling or adventurous sports confine your ordeal and refresh your ambiance? Yes, the farmhouses located in every location of our nation ought to offer these delicacies and one such is Chennai which is the capital of Tamil Nadu is a renowned city is known mainly for its beaches and historic monuments and […..]

tgblog May 29 2018

Best Waterparks to Beat the Heat!

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What more exciting can it be this summer than a plunge into a chill pool and some splashing fun to beat the heat? If you an avid lover of water games where you love the thrust of getting drowned zipping from a slide or love to rock on a water pool then this is the right place for one. There are a hefty number of waterparks in India that oath to offer the best recreation and fun for both children and adults, and I assure you once visited, you would never hesitate to revisit again. Also, to these destinations book […..]