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tgblog Nov 06 2017

For You To Know More?

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In this blog, I have posted some of the questions that would be helpful for you to know more about TicketGoose’s new product; SportzBus. Registration- Based- 1. Why should I register? Registering with TicketGoose for availing this service (SportzBus) can give you an added benefit of watching the CSK team playing live and traveling at a lesser cost. Further, the moment you register with us, you become our preferred customer & any notification regarding bookings will be intimated immediately. 2. Will I be charged for registering priorly? The registration will be free of charge. 3. When does the registration start […..]

tgblog Nov 02 2017

Why Should you Opt for SportzBus!

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It’s IPL Time!! and with CSK’s return to IPL, its gonna be a thunder fight for the other teams. A miss in watching any one of the CSK matches will leave you heart-struck as you will not only be missing the match updates but would indeed be missing the wondrous Dhoni’s helicopter shots, Raina’s super sixers and Ashwin’s clean and captivating off- spins. To keep you intact with the match and to fulfill your dream of watching your favorite team; CSK play live; TicketGoose has launched a new service “SportzBus” that’s no less than a wagon and that which can […..]

tgblog Oct 12 2017

SportZ Bus

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Hey Fellas, have you ever wondered what is it to be in a cricket stadium watching your favorite player striking a six and you eagerly waiting whether will you be able to catch that shot. Hmm, a dream come true for many isn’t it? But wait, TicketGoose has planned to make your dream of watching your favorite team play this IPL to come true. As you are aware that TicketGoose is India’s leading online bus ticketing portal that has always strived to satisfy people in meeting up their travel needs and for it every time it comes out with the […..]