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tgblog Dec 27 2017

Kanchipuram- The City of 1000 Temples

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The land of Bodhi Dharman, one of the seven holiest towns of our nation, the religious capital of Southern India, the Golden city of thousands of temples, the city of great religious insights and what not? All points out to Kanchipuram; the city that is settled on the banks of Vegavathy River that holds onto a point of calling itself as one of the top tourist destinations of our country. People believe that a visit to this town bestows salvation and anyone who is in seek of religious, cultural and entertainment filled visit, then a trip to this destination ought […..]

tgblog Dec 20 2017

Exploring the Beautiful Forts of Jaipur!

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Opulence is the word that comes to mind when I think of the affluent forts of the pink city- Jaipur. What more amusing can it be than letting your soul undulated either to the thumping rhythm of the chilling scorn of the sun or taking a camel safari? Bet, it is going to be spine-chilling. From excellent architectural designs to the great primordial tales, Jaipur flaunts its antiquity in the best way possible that reels ardent travelers to this city. So, get ready and jolt yourselves up as all hell breaks loose; Amer Fort- Residing atop the Eagles Hill, this […..]

tgblog Dec 13 2017

It’s all here for foodies- Mumbai

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When Bollywood and malls have attracted your vision towards this state of celebrity- Mumbai, there is one more aspect to put light on; Food. Mumbai is known for culinary delights from fast food or quick restaurants to five stars. The most amazing dishes and aroma can be seen in the air of this popular metropolitan state; from magnificent signature dishes of top chefs featuring innovative styles and the use of ingredients to the ancient Mughal style of dishes. What a feeling isn’t it? Truly an epitome of delicacies! So, for you to have that salivating mouth, visit these restaurants; 1. […..]

tgblog Dec 11 2017

Feeling Chill? Head to these Destinations!

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Monsoon’s gone and winter’s started. It’s time for cool and chill breeze to soothe your dreams. Cuddling inside the blanket and taking a long nap during the daytime would make you lose the wondrous destinations out there that could give you the required warmth this winter. Surprisingly, there are hefty numbers of tourists who head to destinations like Goa to soak themselves up in the scorching sun and for the rest; it is a far-fetched trance. Why is there a delusion for the remaining lot? Might be the choice of location or the worries on their stay. Considering these aspects, […..]

tgblog Dec 08 2017

Top Pilgrimage Sites in India!

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We all know how diverse India is, with its varied culture, blessed topography, bountiful destinations to visit and the architectural monuments that are famous for. Amongst all these, India is also known for its temples. If you take a glance from North to South, there is a hefty number of pilgrimage sites in our nation that would take you a year’s time to visit all those. But, here in this blog, I have mentioned the top pilgrimage sites to visit coz a visit to these is truly cherishable for a lifetime. So, start your journey right from; 1. Vrindavan- The […..]