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tgblog Dec 08 2017

Top Pilgrimage Sites in India!

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We all know how diverse India is, with its varied culture, blessed topography, bountiful destinations to visit and the architectural monuments that are famous for. Amongst all these, India is also known for its temples. If you take a glance from North to South, there is a hefty number of pilgrimage sites in our nation that would take you a year’s time to visit all those. But, here in this blog, I have mentioned the top pilgrimage sites to visit coz a visit to these is truly cherishable for a lifetime. So, start your journey right from; 1. Vrindavan- The […..]

tgblog Dec 06 2017

Best Waterfalls to Visit in India

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How blessed will it be on standing near a gentle stream meandering through a meadow with its sound as a little crackle, every time when it strikes a pebble on its way? Wow, incredible isn’t it? Besides, the majestic feel that you get on seeing, your sight, also ought to behold the scenic beauties lying across the valleys, it roars high off. Another aspect, that’s much inspiring than the above two, would be the serene and distinctive waterfalls that are just heavenly. India is known for its charm and top- destinations that plunge tourists from all over the world. If […..]

tgblog Nov 29 2017

Best Resorts for a Beautiful Stay!

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The Queen of all Hill Stations, the beauty of the tranquil mountains, the ever-liked toy train and the top resorts offering beautiful sights makes Ootacamund; the anglicized name for Ooty, one of the best stations perched on the slopes of the Nilgiris. Right from scenic delights to the pleasing weather, this destination is no less than a fairyland, with dew drops on the shades of the windows resembling little fairies. What more bewitching can it be than resting on your couch at your fancied hotel and letting the chill breeze smooth your face? Prodigious isn’t it? It is these little […..]

tgblog Nov 27 2017

Quick Travel Guide to Munnar

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What more delightful can it be than cuddling under the blanket and, sipping a hot cup of coffee with pakodas staring to chew them on the bedside table? Do it or die, a weekend out to any one of the hill stations toh banta hai yar! And, with this time of the year where snowfall’s at peak, your getaways can be fiery. If you are looking out for a destination that holds; an ideal climate, activities that make the adrenaline rush, a pleasant weather and an adventure on every step- Munnar; “The Delight of South” has to in your travel […..]

tgblog Nov 20 2017

A Handy Travel Guide to Kochi!

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Kochi, known widely for its Portuguese civilization and the as areligious town is nothing but a beautiful canvas of nature giving its true colors on all aspects; be it the holy temple of Guruvayur or the unique fishing nets gifted by the Chinese emperor or the exquisite and the dainty Vembanad lake merging with the Arabian Sea. Despite the fact that this town in the state of Kerala was under immense uphold by the Portuguese and the Britishers, it has indeed managed to get the epithet, “ The Queen of the Arabian Sea”. From charming and pristine shores to ethereal […..]