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tgblog Jan 31 2018

The Goa Carnival to be Your Next Stop!

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If you are wondering, the upcoming months; February and March are going to be the dreariest months of the year then you are going to prove yourself wrong coz the much-awaited and fascinating event, “The Goa Carnival” is gearing up its pace. From Vasco to Mapusa to Margao and Panim, Goa will reflect its true colors and tradition during this festival which will be celebrated by the Goans with great vehemence. The 2018 Carnival float parade from 10th to 13th of February will encapsulate the fun, color, food, and merrymaking that would flounce away the charm and charisma making the […..]

tgblog Jan 22 2018

A Quick Travel Guide to Mysore!

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Mysore which sings of its beautiful and legendary tales, ideal cultural ambiance, its culinary delights and, the great legacies is a city located southwest to the capital city; Bangalore, sprawled across 152 square kilometers. It lends its name to varied sources thus increasing its brand value and imbibing the spirit of tourism amongst all. Some of which are; Mysore Pak (a sweet), Mysore Sandal Soap, Mysore Silk Sarees, Mysore Peta (a traditional silk turban) and Mysore Painting. Mysore is actually an anglicized name of Mahishuru, a fabled demon who exists in the Hindu Vedic arts as a buffalo demon who […..]

tgblog Jan 19 2018

Best Destinations for Solo Travellers!

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An avid traveler would never miss a chance heading to any of their desired destinations, be it a foggy day or a day out under the scorching sun. Travel and photography go hand in hand and the best place ought to get clicked coz every moment captured not only gives life to the camera lens but, can relish it for a lifetime. So, stop being in your comfort zone and embark a solo trip to the below-listed places to get an insight on what’s travel is all about? Being the first month of the year, I have listed some of […..]

tgblog Jan 19 2018

Coorg – The Scotland of India

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There is a saying in English by Albert Einstein, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”. It’s absolutely true because whenever we feel like we are in a confused state; few minutes’ silence or a walking on the lawn will refresh your mind. There is a mesmerizing spot in Karnataka which attracts a humpty number of nature lovers every year. It is none other than Coorg, officially called as Kodagu. Coorg is the most prosperous hill station in Karnataka and is famous for its picturesque scenery and lush foliage. This region is rich in natural resources […..]

tgblog Jan 12 2018

Goa- The Dotted Gem of Southern India!

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A majestic place resembling more to a magical land where one can easily get them indulged on sight-seeing dolphins to purchasing accessories from flea market to partaking in bang on water games like water rafting can be seen in only one place and that’s Goa- also known the “Venice of the East”. From rich and bizarre culture to cobalt beaches to finger-licking seafood, Goa is a hub for excitement, especially Scuba Diving. A visit to this place is like a ritual to be followed for the younger youths of this time. So, do not take a laidback chance in the […..]