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tgblog Dec 31 2019


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“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” ― Oprah Winfrey  Every New Year is a new opportunity for us. Some years would be hard, some would be easy, some years would feel like decades, some years would end in a whiff, but one thing which we carry forward every time is “hope” & “memories”. When we are satisfied with the current year, we would expect it to continue the following year, else we wish for a better year! These expectations are dictated by the experiences we faced that year! Memories are the marker […..]

tgblog Dec 27 2018


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I hate new year for a very single thing, the horrors of travel. It is the time of the year when we won’t even have a breathing space when we travel. I will think to myself, “Christmas a big holiday, so everyone will be with their family, who else is going to travel during New Year?”. Everyone actually thinks the same way, nearly 50% of the population travel during New Year (PS: don’t google the statistics, you won’t find this stat anywhere other than this blog :-P). Now a days, thanks to ticketgoose.com i can get tickets, but there was […..]

tgblog Dec 01 2018

From Manchester to the Silicon city

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Not all places makes a scar in our minds. There are only some that we really enjoy and admire and those places never fail to fascinate us. Naturally, we fall in love with such places and those places make our journey memorable. South-India, is known for its tradition and culture and the state Tamilnadu is known for its rich and varied heritage. How about making a trip from Tamil Nadu to the most romantic state Karnataka? The very thought bring about a joy, isn’t it? Come, let’s explore the places by booking online bus tickets in ticketgoose.com . The third largest […..]

tgblog Nov 20 2018

Top Shopping Spots in Bangalore!

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Shopping has now become a trend amongst the youth and a travel or a vacation has been considered as incomplete if not stepped to shopping destinations. And when you are in the Garden City that is known for its numerous spots then why not make the most of it. For all those shopaholics out there who cannot resist themselves from finding the best attire or jewelry, below is the list of locations that would cater to your need. From junkie clothing to artistic jewelry to artifacts, Bangalore has something for all. So, before you head out, book your bus tickets […..]

tgblog Nov 19 2018

Religious Destinations of India!

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India has been highly recognized as a land of diversity and unity! And another side of it that has been attracting the tourists to a larger extent is to its spiritual destinations that are brimming at present. Right from Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in the south, there are a plethora of pilgrimage destinations for the pilgrims to offer their prayers. With all these, religion and tourism have become two sides of a coin that are inseparable.  What’s delighting is that the most fabled personalities like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have visited some of the top spiritual destinations […..]