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tgblog Apr 04 2014

Simple acts of kindness can make a big difference – Based on a true story!

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Each day of an individual’s life is filled with many things: good as well as awful, safe and dangerous, victory and tragedy, joy and sorrow. While, humanity proffers different characters of a person as good, go an extra mile to help a person, value or respect others’ emotions. Humility holds out the bad intention, ignorance, disrespect etc… This blog is an experience of a lady passenger “DS Karthika,” who has been the victim of both humanity and humility. And the story begins, “Welcome to TicketGoose.com, please note, your call will be recorded for our quality and training purpose” The call […..]

tgblog Mar 29 2014

Mercedes Benz – The Lizard Replica

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Whenever we speak of German-made Mercedes-Benz, the picture which strikes through an average Indian mind is that of the flashy, stylish and roofless car wherein the elite travel as portrayed in Bollywood movies. However, as appealing as the brand may be, many would be surprised to discover that the popular brand has been a part of the heavy vehicle fraternity too. Bus travel in India has recently been revolutionised with the induction of luxury air conditioned buses. Gone are the days when potential bus travelers would be scared with thoughts of hard seats, bugs and mosquitoes at night, uncomfortable jerking, […..]

tgblog Mar 29 2014

Scania Buses: The New Charmer on Indian Roads

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There’s so much truth in the saying: “No matter where or why you travel, there’s always something wonderfully new to be found.” Irrespective of the destination and the people we are travelling with, each time we go on a trip, whether it is a long journey or within the city, we end up seeing and experiencing new things that enrich our lives. Taking a flight can take us to places in a jiffy, but the view from the window that a bus travel can give is unparalleled. And if we travel by a luxury bus, the comfort and speed that […..]

tgblog Mar 27 2014

Top 10 Tips for Bus Travel

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Every day thousands of people travel either for business or pleasure. But how many of you really check whether you have taken everything that is required during or after the travel? We at TicketGoose.com – Online Bus Booking, would like to assist our customers with checklists for all types of travelers: From general to business, from NRIs to groups, single lady passenger, pregnant women to babies and aged people. Check list Travel Light For frequent travelers, it is a good idea to keep a checklist and a travel bag ready. This will save time and eliminate your chances of forgetting something […..]

tgblog Mar 22 2014

How Volvo Buses have redefined our travel experience

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Volvo bus is synonymous to comfort, luxury and safety. After its entry in to the Indian market in 2001, it has given a new meaning to our travel experience. We can now not only travel in ease in the air conditioned coaches, but also relax because of its numerous safety measures. It has improved the connectivity of major cities across the country by catering to all important routes. Today, people prefer a Volvo bus to a normal bus because they know that the ride is worth it, whether it is a city commute or a long distance journey. The story […..]