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tgblog Oct 20 2016

Why you should visit Arunachal Pradesh – ‘The land of rising Sun’

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India has a bounty in store for the explorers, with a portion of the wealthiest trails and ranges prompting the most delightful places in the region. On the off chance that you are the ‘i-need to-explore places-without-being-held with-a schedule’ sort of traveler, taking after this route is implied for you. What better approach to witnessing the dazzling mountain ranges, delightful coastline landscape, and lavish greenery than to go on a road trip. Though everybody cannot be a biker, one can always opt for the thrilling bus ride through the lofty roads. Bus travel has been largely misjudged. Many interior places […..]

tgblog Oct 04 2016

Travel to Kolkata to taste the delicacies of Durga Pujo

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Durgo pujo in Kolkata is all about paying respect to the Mother Goddess Durga, get together of friends and family, and food…and some more food.  It’s like, you can take the obsession of Diwali in Delhi, Christmas in London, Summer Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Valentine’s day in Paris and afterward add it to the month long frenzy of Olympic Games or the World Cup and pack all that into a range of 5 days regardless you wouldn’t recognize what you are missing in the event that you haven’t been in Kolkata amid Durga Puja. For a travel enthusiast plus […..]

tgblog Sep 30 2016

Top 6 places to visit in India during Navratri

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India is a land of festivals. It is believed that India celebrates more than 365 fests in 365 days. Mahalaya (which is today) marks the formal beginning to Durga Puja or the Navratri. The prominence of Durga Puja increased gradually during the British Raj in Bengal and erstwhile Assam. Durga Puja also includes the worship of Shiva, who is Durga’s consort (Durga is an aspect of Goddess Parvati), in addition to Lakshmi, Saraswati with Ganesha and Kartikeya, who are considered to be Durga’s children. Worship of mother nature is done, through nine types of plant (called “Kala Bou”), including a […..]

tgblog Sep 27 2016

Never underestimate the influence of a short Trip to Pondi!

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Today is World Tourism Day; the day is celebrated universally all over the world by initiating infrastructural programs and declaring improvement arranges. Tourism brings forth to us the diversity of culture across geographies. Clearly, the day deserves a grand celebration the world over. India is a booming travel and tourism market in Asia. Expected to be worth Rs. 95 billion by 2015, tourism is a vehicle of economic and employment growth in the country. So, if you are looking for a much-needed break from the hustle-bustle atmosphere, plan for a weekend getaway. India has historical, adventure, and natural beauty in […..]

tgblog Sep 21 2016

Let’s take a weekend bus trip to Varanasi

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Weekend getaways to destinations like Goa, Pondicherry, Andamans are over-rated. India has a lot more places to be explored. Bus journeys are becoming next popular medium to commute or shuttle, these days many prefer instant online bus ticket booking as trains reserving seats not that easy and flights charges are sometimes not too affordable. Today we will talk about such beautiful not so popular place that you can visit on your next trip. Varanasi Ramnagar is a small city in Varanasi locale in Uttar Pradesh. Ramnagar has a fortification known as Ramnagar Fort which is still the living abode of […..]